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Hello little LJ. Long time, no public entries.

Bustrip was very good. Exhausting though. There are over 2000 photos on facebook posted by many different people documenting the experience. I very much enjoyed driving the bus, it was a good way to meet a stack of people I didn't really know, or to have good time for D&Ms with established friends. NTE didn't teach me anything new, but it was good to be reminded and edified in the foundational truth of Jesus' Kingship. I suppose it's renewed my understanding of Jesus as King. So that's encouraging. Mission was challenging, but nothing new either. I was quite exhausted the day afterwards, and even had a little cry in the Anglican Cathedral in Sydney. But I felt much better after that.

I wrote James postcards, and he wrote me emails. Since getting back, we've been spending almost all our time together and it's very nice indeed! As mentioned before, we're communicating well and he really surpassing my expectations in, like, everything. I guess I didn't think that dating could be this good. But yay!

I've been making an effort to catch up with friends recently, as James and I have been spending super amounts of time together. I had lunch with Anna on Tuesday, dessert with some older CU girls on Wednesday night, and tonight I'm having dinner with Rhianon and Shanelle and I'm really looking forward to it. My girl friends are so important and I enjoy spending time with them immensely.

Although uni is still a month off, MCU commitments have already started. We have a mission running in week 6** and we're working on various ideas for events and subcommittees and LOTS of stuff to prep for it already. Which is good because it means not working on it last minute. And when we need to think about advertising and t-shirts, a lot of work needs to be done now.

A bunch more stuff is going on, but I think it needs to go under a friends locked entry. So I'll write them up another time.

**We'd really appreciate prayer towards the mission
  • we'll work together well and efficiently so that everything is smooth
  • the SMBC (Sydney Missionary and Bible College) team will work with MCU
  • many people will come along to our events and have the opportunity to hear about Jesus
  • many Christians in 1st year will join up and be keen to put energy into mission
  • that everyone will be bold for the sake of the Kingdom
    If you can financially support us, we would REALLY appreciate it. Email me: Kat at mcu dot org dot au for information on how to do that if you feel God moving you thusly!
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