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Engagement party

The engagement party was a total success. About 130 people made it along on the very hot afternoon, but shade was a plenty, food was abundant and the cold ocean was nearby. Mum worked her butt off and became frustrated and flustered several times, but once everything was in place, she was able to sit with some of her friends and enjoy all that she'd worked so hard for. The guest book was a win, though the black board died at the end. Next time I'll buy a better quality one, or just buy some wood and paint. The results are still pretty great!

I was pretty exhausted by the end of it. James and I finally went for a swim once most people had left. Then I headed back to mine and he headed to his as we packed stuff up at our respective houses. Mum had a nap at mine, while I went to his to cook dinner for everyone. Then Mum, Laura and Tia (Laura's friend) followed behind after a while, then we ate and opened presents! Everyone came in to watch us unwrap stuff. We received a number of towels and platters, but I was pretty happy about that because it makes for things to entertain with, and towel will last for ages and we'll get lots of use out of them. I'm a big fan of variety! People's generosity was so appreciated. I'm very thankful for it.

A friend, Matt, took some engagement photos for us a week ago. Once we have the disk off him, I'll edit in "Thank You" on one of them, write on the back and send them off as thank you cards. Which I'm excited about!

Today I've been quite pooped though. Still in recovery mode. But that's ok. So long as I don't have to repeat it for 10½ months, all shall be fine. Now I just need to get my butt into gear for prac next week!! AHH!

P.S. in other news, we've found a dress and a deposit has been paid. Yay!
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