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And Then There Was Silence

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Raising my hand tentatively

Ever since I heard him speak about things on JJJ, I've rather liked Tony Abbott. I voted for Rudd last election, but am sorta annoyed he stuffed around with my tax money. I gave it to the government to use productively, not so that he could give it back to me, putting the country in deficit. But most of what Tony Abbott says seems realistic. And consciencely, I feel like he stands for what I stand for morally.

I just wanted to say my 2c. Another post got me thinking about it, but it wouldn't have been appropriate to say this there. That is all. Anyone else in favour of him?

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No :(

P.S. Political icon, yeah!

this is my political icon. WW yay!

what's your take? I'm very interested to hear your perspective!

Re: this is my political icon. WW yay!

Well my perspective is heavily shaped by my field of work, so most of my critique is to so with social policy, rather than the way he does economics or environmental policy.

Broadly, I'm wary of him because he was a key member of Howard's cabinet, and underneath Howard, delivery of social services was heavily impeded. Organisations who received funding from the government to deliver services (like Anglicare!) weren't allowed to do any broad advocacy on behalf of clients where it contradicted government policy.So for example, when Howard's government reduced the disability pension every two or three budgets, or when they took single parenting payments away from single parents as soon as their youngest child turned six, organisations like Anglicare found it very hard to fight against these changes on behalf of its service users.

I'm worried that a government led by Abbott would go back to those days. Last month, he publicly stated that he thought that homelessness is a choice. Who thinks that homeless people choose the kind of family breakdown and chronic unemployment that leads to homelessness? It was a very silly thing to say, and a terrifying indicator of the impact he could have on the lives of homeless people if he ever ran a government.

The other thing that makes me cautious is all the things that he seems to say without thinking. Apart from the above example, there is his comment this week, backing up Wilson Tuckey, that welcome to country is tokenistic. He has backflipped on environmental issues and he has just announced a parental leave scheme that would lead to higher taxes than the Liberals in the past have accused Labor of creating. All up he seems much too politically opportunistic to be trustworthy. I just don't know what he is thinking.

That being said, Kevin Rudd is super politically opportunistic and it is very hard to know exactly what he is thinking and planning. But I wouldn't condemn his payouts during the GFC last year. The $900 you and I got was much much less than what big corporations and high income earners get in tax breaks and incentives from the government (especially Liberal governments!) every year. Those payouts last year were actual life lines for many families last year, getting many of them through very tough times. Some families managed to make their payouts stretch for months. I am 95% certain that those families would have been utterly abandoned if a Liberal government was in power. The Labor government wasn't using your taxes unproductively last year, at least not on the social service front!

Re: this is my political icon. WW yay!

P.S. sorry that was so long! I spend a lot of time at work mulling over these things.

Re: this is my political icon. WW yay!

No, I really appreciated it actually. I want to make an informed decision concerning which party I vote for next election, so I'm open to being corrected or pointed to a new perspective. So far the hate has been directed at his abortion/homosexual beliefs, which I share. But if both parties are similar, I'm up for being swayed on other matters! :D

So far I'm in favour of his parental leave scheme. The tax is directed at Big Business, which can afford to pay it. And if our country is so into equal rights, why can't we have a better parental leave scheme that works out better for women and families?

The way he was talking about homelessness seemed to give various people options to take when it's threatened, so that there is a way out, or a safety net when family breaks down, or one loses a job. I was watching the 4 Corners interview.

I'm glad to hear about the positive effect the payout had. I wonder though, did it have to go to some many people? It seemed that many people I know off, didn't need it. I didn't need it!

What she said ^

Oh god no. Come on, he's Tony Abbot.


Seriously, I've heard TWO things of him talking about policy and I liked it. So I don't know much. What's your take?

he's ok. like 'spally' I find him somewhat hard to read. Some of his policies sound good, but I can't get a sense of any overarching political ideology....
as to the $900 tax back. It was a productive use. The spending and confidence boost it provided us stopped Australia from slipping into the same kind of depression that America is currently suffering. It was a risky move, and could of ended badly, but it didn't (thank goodness). And yes we now have greater debt, but thats not as big an issue as people think. Very few if any governments run at a credit, and if they did I would be suspicious. Imagine K.Rudd (notice that spells krudd) announcing that the government made a profit? It would indicate to me that something was up.

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