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Loopy froots live here

And Then There Was Silence

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(no subject)

hi everyone.
I am on my computer at my parents place.w00t. My operation for my hand was today and it is now quite achy and sore and painful. :(
The internet was connected on my computer, but I couldn't access any pages, so I called Ian and he told me how to fix it in the two minutes he had before rushing to work. Yay for software engineers!

Um, not much else. Hilary's was fun last night, and brownies were oh-so-yummy, as they were a little undercooked, and squishy in the middle. Yum

I'm feeling quite sleep from the general aenesthetic. (sp?)

I need to do research for my edu162 essay due on monday

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Ian has job? Holy crap!

uh, yeah
he was a swimming instructor during the holidays and now he works at a printing press

*makes mental note to call Ian soonish*

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