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update and rants

Not much to report on. I intend to give little updates, but knowing me, they'll probably turn into big updates as I remember things I want to write down.

I saw Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade last night again. It was good fun but there were 2 big issues that bugged me. I know this movie is campy fun. Everything explodes and that's fun. Everyone is out to kill Indy and that's fun for the audience. The special effects are old, which makes sense because it's an older film, but that's part of the charm and fun. But:

1. The way the one female character was treated made me uncomfortable. She was beautiful, but stupid and ignorant. She was evil, but couldn't seem to decide whose side she was one. She was treated poorly from both sides - more poorly than male characters even though she seemed to be a trustworthy spy. Are these things meant to be reflecting attitudes toward women from the 1930s? Or is this the result of the sexualisation of women in Hollywood today? She's only good for being sex-on-legs and eye candy for movie goers. Even the sex scene - of which we only see the introduction to, is rather violent. There's obviously tension between them, but why is that tension expressed in a sex scene in which they force kisses and express distate for each other? I had little respect for her, and I don't suppose anyone really could respect her. Which makes me uncomfortable, because women need to be respected, just as men need respect.

2. The beliefs of these people are crazy. I summarise it as such: "I want eternal life and believe that a cup that Jesus drank from will give it to me. I believe this cup has that power because it held the blood of Christ. Meaning that anything Christ touched is holy and can benefit me. But I will not believe that Jesus' death and resurrection paid for my sin and guaranteed me new life in Heaven forever with God. Free from the sin and injustice of this world and entering into eternal love and joy forever."
I mean, come on! This is SO typical of the world today, to pick and choose which part of which faiths, religions and beliefs to believe in, making it suit their own ends and goals. Saying that this part of Christianity is true, this part of Buddhism is true and this part of Hinduism is true. But completely disregarding the rest of it because it's uncomfortable/inconvenient/stupid. What gives them the authority to make these decisions? Either something is all right, or all wrong. I accept that Muslims think I'm wrong. That's totally cool and I actually respect them more for being willing to say it and still chat/talk/be my friend/debate with me. I hope that they accept and respect me still, even though I do not cover up that I think they're wrong and misguided. But if we try reconciliation through compromising our beliefs and somehow meshing them together: we've just entered a whole new ball game! I am NOT prepared to go that far. But that is the kind of attitude Hollywood is encouraging with this myth of the Holy Grail to the detriment of the actual gospel.

In other news,
- James is totally wonderful. But you all knew that already ;) Today we've been together for 5 months! How time flies! OMGoodness it's the middle of April - how quickly has the year gone so far! We're already a third of the way through!! :O
- Uni is plodding on by, I have two assignments due on Wednesday that I haven't started. But they're not hard at all and I expect to have drafts of both by Sunday.
- Parents are coming down Sunday evening as Mum has an operation on Tuesday. She's not unwell - it's elective surgery. But it should help improve the quality of her life, so we're all hopeful.
- People are pairing up and it's very exciting! I'm sad I wasn't happier about this kind of thing when I was single. I am disappointed in my past-single-self.

Uuuum, the end :D
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