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Loopy froots live here

And Then There Was Silence

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Anya bunnies

wedding and marriage prep

My dress arrived the other day and this morning I went to the store to try it on. It's very lovely. We've been getting other wedding things happening too, which has been good. We made a mind map/list of a bunch of stuff that needs doing and then I got stressed because I don't actually want to do any of it, but I need too because it has to get done. James finally understood that I'm not doing this because "OMG it's the bestest thing evah!" and he should step up and do stuff he doesn't want to too. Which is a bit of a relief.

Marriage prep has been interesting. In that it's interesting to learn to grow together and endure each other's company. It's good, but challenging. We're reading through Saving You Marriage Before it Starts with my minister and his wife as part of marriage prep. It's been really good. What's been most helpful have been the discussions with James while we're doing the exercises and after chatting with Matt and Cheryl each week. It's also kinda scary though, to be responsible for someone else's heart, and to be so open and vulnerable.

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Chris and I used the same book for our premarital counseling. We did it long distance and met with our pastor while I was home on breaks from college. It's a good one!

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