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Loopy froots live here

And Then There Was Silence

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Kat sketching

essay writing observation

I've gotten to a point in uni life where I quite enjoy writing essays. It was after my first research essay on Christian schooling. Now I really enjoy the process. It can be tedious at times, like this afternoon as I was typing all the highlighted bits from my reader into my laptop and it was SO laborious!!

But now that all the quotes are typed in, I need to print them out, cut them up and arrange them into essay structure and BOO-YEAH! I'm the step away from drafting. And this process means my drafts are rather decent!!

So yeah, I'm feeling way better about this essay due on Monday now that my quotes are all typed in.

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8-) Nerd!

Actually, I would really love your patience and skillz right now!

Isn't it great?

Before college, you had next to no choice in classes, and even less choice when it came to writing topics... it often made writing seem like a horrible chore. How could anyone enjoy it?

So, when you get to college, taking classes you LIKE, and usually having to pick your own topic to write... it's like... FREEDOM! Plus, someone will READ and even CARE about what you write instead of it just being in a pile with dozens of poorly written papers on the same boring subject, all written by people who didn't want to write a paper at all :P

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