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First day of Carnarvon prac!

hello all! I am in sunny Carnarvon, staying with my lovely parents for 3 weeks while I'm on a practical school experience in one of the Primary schools here. For the sake of professionalism, I will tell you I'm at Horsehead Primary School in Carnarvon (which is a false name), teaching yr 12s (which I'm not).

It has a high Aboriginal number, and many students are from dysfunctional families. I arrived on Sunday afternoon. Wonderful Fiance dropped and saws me off, Lovely Mum picked me up. As soon as I'd unpacked my suitcase, I turned on my phone and had received a missed call from Principal Jane (false name). All the emails she had sent me had NOT been sent due to a failure in the computer system, so could I please come in asap to get all that paperwork she had (not) sent? So I call her back and let her know I'll be in soon. I go in that afternoon and get terribly scared by all the problems in my class. But I'm also looking forward to it because I'll get exposure to difficult students/class/issues, and everyone sounds very supportive.

Monday is a Professional Development day and I take part in that. It was really good to be involved in that process. Although just a student teacher, I felt like a staff member as I got to participate. The theory we were doing was going to be used the very next day in actual classroom with actual students with actual lives (as opposed to making up lesson plans for hypothetical students in uni classes). So I met Amber (false name), my mentor teacher, who's really nice, helped set up her classroom, got the lowdown on the maths abilities of the students and went home.

The morning I rock up to find out Amber is sick! There's a relief teacher, who's an education assistant in the school and about my age, so that was really nice to work with her today. She didn't have anything planned for the after-lunch break, so I got to help plan an activity. I made a giant snakes and ladders game on concrete using masking tape and chalk! We had a giant dice and rolled until time was up. Most of the kids listened to me (which is AMAZING for this class) and had a bit of fun. It started a bit silly, but I soon worked out what did/did not work and stuck with what did.

I'm really pleased that for my first day there, I was able to help out already. I spent the morning starting to build a rapport with the kids and learn their names. Even though it was just meant to be an observation day, it was really good to participate. And Beth (false name) gave me really good feedback once the day was over. Yay!

We have an autistic girl in the class. She's only just becoming vocal and she is the sweetest, most lovely girl ever. I've never had an autistic person in my class before, just asperges. But she was such a doll and I'm looking forward to seeing how the special needs teachers help those students out! Apparently they're awesome.

So now I'm completely knackered and ready for bed. Cept it's only 6:30, still light out and I need dinner. I hope tomorrow goes well too!
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