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And Then There Was Silence

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(no subject)

does anyone have any idea where I can find reliable statistics on TEE results for boys/girls and the base wage comparison between men and women and any noteable great women in the field of mathematics?!?

This is really annoying, I can't find anything and I've been googling it since forever!

Apart from this missing vital information, I think my essay is going really well! :)


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Australian Bureaux of statistics?

Apparently pretty much all of their stuff is online & quite easy to access but I don't know how.

Nooo! Don't google, go to the library! You have web sources already, get some books or journals! Ask a librarian where you can find that kind of thing, it's their job to help you.

(Having said that though, ethlinda is right; the ABS site is here, and is a perfectly reliable internet source.)

Oh, and if you're lucky, Murdoch library might have online journals which you can access from home... go to your library website, do a keyword search on "sex and salary" or "wages and gender" or something to that effect, and see what you can turn up. At the very least, it'll give you some idea of which shelves to look at in the library, and at best, you might get some online stuff that you can use right now :)

oh, I did that and got some stats thru murdoch electronic journals! w00t and cheers C:

*random comment from random person*

Blind Guardian = love :)

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