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Post wedding, Honeymoon update

Post wedding update! Amazing!

Can you tell I'm buckling down to do uni work? As in, I ACTUALLY NEED to do it! Thus I am in front of my lappy ready to type type type away on an assignment. Yet here I am, typing away on LJ updates. At least it SOUNDS like I'm getting work done, right? My fingers are a-moving! Woot! I'm just warming them up for some hard-core essay typing action afterwards.

I've always wondered why people ask, "how was your honeymoon?" Cuz, like, really! What do you THINK happened?? Yup, lots of that. Correct. So this'll be a PG rated over-view.

Wedding update ended with us kissing well and a winking smiley. The next morning we set off early as we had an aeroplane to catch. James had kept the destination from me the entire time as I LOVE surprises. He told me it was tropical so I could pack appropriately. I even bought a new bikini for the occassion. Our friends, Ben and Cathy (Ben was a groomsman) picked us up in the morning before church (see how early it was!) to drop us off at the airport. They took our wedding clothes back to Mum and Dad who were staying with me. We were going to... BALI! The cheap, tropical holiday destinations for all Perthians! It often costs less to go to Bali than the Eastern states. Airfares are cheap, hotels are cheaper, food is cheaper, everything is cheaper. The flight was ok on the way over.

When arrived early afternoon and took a taxi 3hrs east to a town called Candi Dasa (pronounced Chandy). The drive was CRAZY! Drivers only sometimes follow the road rules and busy roads are often one lane per direction when they ought to be 2. But that'd be because we'd be driving on the side of a mountain of something, so the road can't be wider! CRAZY!!

We arrived at our hotel, which was this fantastical tropical holiday resort! As James checked in we were greeted with fruity cocktails and cool clothes for our faces! AMAZING! Everything was green! And there were beautiful tropical flowers everywhere! And there were TWO pools! And 1 of them had a BAR IN it! We could swim up to the bar and drink a drink in the pool! It was SO AMAZING!

Breakfast was complimentary each morning and it was a full on SPREAD! EVERYTHING was there, fruit, cereal, pancakes, eggs, bacon, fried rice, yoghurt, steamed veg, beef AND chicken sausages, and stuff I can't even remember! We had a huge breakfast every morning! On the Monday we went out for 2 hours hanging in the town. It was a bit of a culture shock!

The roads and paths were quite dirty. There were hawkers all around (though less than had we been in the main city, so I'm told), staff would come out of their stores in order to have us shop/eat at their's. There were altars/temples/shrines EVERYWHERE as the country is mostly Hindu. We got a few different numbers for some different restaurants. James had heard that most places offer free taxi services between your hotel and their restaurant in order to secure our patronage. So we found two that had nice looking menus, cheap, and free "transfer". We went to those two places quite frequently during our week there. We built up a really nice rapport with the staff and it helped us to feel like we were making a difference at at least 2 places.

It was a bit of an ethical dilemma actually. People require me to buy their crap in order to live, but most of it is... crap... in my eyes. But I feel responsible because I come from an affluent country and... well... just LOOK at how they're living!! Just look around! This is a 3rd world nation! But anyway, we did what we could and tried to avoid crushing feelings of guilt for merely being born in affluent Australia.

We took a trip to see a Water Palace, which was grand and majestic, but not in terms of Western ideology. We visited a volcano, which was amazing! Oh, and! There was heavy cloud/rain on the trip all the way there (2hr drive one way), which would have meant we couldn't see the volcano. But James and I were determined just to enjoy the journey and scenery anyway. Our driver took us to a popular restaurant which was meant to have an amazing view. But we couldn't see it through the clouds. As we said grace, both of us prayed that God would clear the clouds, but mostly that we'd be content if he didn't. Half way through our first plate (buffet), God cleared the clouds! We were pretty happy! It was really cool to eat at a super nice restaurant overlooking a freakin' volcano!

The toilets were very weird. The cubicles were HUGE because next to the toilet was a huge tiled bath-looking-thing filled with water. There was a dipped in it. You were meant to scoop water from the bath to the toilet in order to flush. It was the weirdest thing that it wasn't automatic. They had running water for the taps, just not the toilets. And it was kinda eerie to be honest.

We went snorkling one afternoon too. There were plenty more hawkers there than at Candi Dasa, which was very off putting. Often I'd find retreating into a restaurant would be ironically the most effective way to avoid buying more things. Coz then I'd buy more things to stay in the restaurant. James and I came up with an impromptu "sorry, no" song, that was only effective if we sung it for an embarrassing long period of time. So we only delivered it once.

We spent a LOT of time just hanging out at the hotel. Mostly in our room, but also at the pool, or by the pool on a deckchair. We had a 1hr, full body massage. We ate lots of extremely yummy Balinese food, drank a cocktail most afternoons or evening because they were so cheap! The last night we spent in Bali was closer to the airport as we had a late night flight out. We went to a popular seafood place situated on the beach. James ate a whole barramundi, which was delicious. There was a four piece band that played requests who were very very good!

Our flight out was the worst part of the entire trip. It was late enough to want to sleep, but the seats didn't adjust, so I got travel sick trying to sleep in a fully upright seat. Mum and Dad picked us up and we stayed up until 4:30ish telling them all about it.

I'm afraid there are no pictures for this one as I forgot to bring the camera :( :(
But here's a linky-link to our hotel's website!
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