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Loopy froots live here

And Then There Was Silence

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buffy yeah

Blue Hair

My hair is dark blue. It's pretty awes like sauce. That's all :D

EDIT to include pictures (29th 8:30am):

this one was taken the night of the hair dyeing (so, same time I made this post)

This one was only just taken by James. You can see my LJ on my laptop in the background, with spally's comment requesting pics!

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Yes! Commenting on a post that has a picture of my comment on the same post! This is so cool!

Also your hair looks amazing!!

AND one of the coasters to the right of the laptop. There's another one behind my head as 1 is for my cup and the other is for my pot of tea. Yay!

I like my hair. But I also liked my hair before it was dyed too. And I'm pretty sure I'd like red hair as well. And then I'd like my natural hair back, but alas, no more natural hair for me as I bleached it to hell and back :(

Win! That is damn cool hair!

yay! Thanks :D
Now I just need some kind of anime outfit to match it ;)

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