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Last Essay Evah (God-willing)

WHAAAAAA!! And yay

Very last (God-willing if I pass) essay just busted out. I'd done all readings for it, pulled quotes, organised quotes, got skeleton and thesis statement all by yesterday. Then TODAY I BUSTED out 2000 words (actually 2,182)(word requirement was 2000). In ONE day! ONE! And I think it's fairly decent too! Mind you, 600 of those words were classroom observations, but then I had to link them to theory in the literature review I'd busted out.

And I also met with a friend to read the Bible with her, which was heaps awesome-sauce. I love reading the Bible with other people! :D

Anyway, It's been a public holiday today, thus the not-at-school-assignment-writing. But tomorrow is back at school, so I ought to go to bed. Yay! I finished my essay before stupid-o'clock! Hurrah!!
Tags: assignments, prac, uni
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