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Loopy froots live here

And Then There Was Silence

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dr horrible wtf?

Only you could teach me about Christianity, but you sucked and now I'm gonna be a Buddhist.

On church camp, someone asked about the name of someone else and I got the impression that someone was going by one name of facebook and their other name on church camp (they are Korean, so there's likely language difficulty meaning they go by a westernised name IRL). I got a friend request from "Ruoy Dneirf" last night, and thinking it was the follow from church camp, I accepted. Then follows this dialogue:

Thank you for accepting my friend request. Ruoy Dneirf stands for "your friend" in reverse; my real name is Joseph Dawes, so I share the last name with you and your husband. I saw your info on a church camp announced on Facebook with about 6 other names on it, noticed we share the same last name and had a question for you, especially because you are not in America.

I am a Native American from Utah and almost all Natives in the region here are converting to Mormonism en masse. Because I am in Utah, I am not able to look at this or think about this dispassionately. The question I have is: what is the mainstream view about Mormonism? That is, how do people who are outside the Mormon Church view Mormons and Mormonism? Please be as candid as you like. I am concerned because as Native Americans convert to Mormonism, we are losing our Native values, cultures, traditions, language as well as our self esteem. So please be candid about your opinions.

Hi Joseph,

i have strong opinions about Mormonism from an Reformed Christian perspective and you can read freely about those elsewhere on the internet. But I have little personal experience and almost no opinion regarding Mormonism and Native Americans.

I accepted your friend request because I thought you were someone else. Given you aren't the person I thought you were, I'm going to remove you from my friends list. Please don't contact me again.


Kathryn, fair enough, I won't contact you again. My contacting you was merely an SOS to you as a Christian. I was pondering giving up Mormonism and converting to mainstream Christianity. I wanted to get out of the Mormon Church, which I am increasingly perceiving as a cult group. I realize that I am part of a very strong cult and I was reaching out to you because you are Christian in the hope I get out of this cult. It was - and will be - my only attempt to embrace mainstream Christianity. But quite possibly your reaction was the Lord telling me to stay away from mainstream Christian religion and explore other avenues like Buddhism. I won't contact you again.

FOR SERIOUS!!!??? I don't want to be solicited for information and now you're emotionally blackmailing me? You just happen to have the same last name as me? I'm the only Christian IN THE WHOLE WORLD you could possibly talk to? So to make your manipulation public, "Joseph", here's my response to you on my livejournal.

Given that God is sovereign over this man's salvation, I'm not sweating this. I honestly don't feel the burden of converting him. After all, it's God who does the work of conversion, not me. Same for anyone. Just... blah! I read this out to James and he found it extremely hilarious!

EDIT: I kept the comments up and was replying to them for a while, but now it's boring. YAWN! Why are you all so committed to defending Ruoy Dneirf and his manipulative ways? I have little doubt that he's sent you here from his facebook, if this isn't Ruoy Dneirf himself. My LJ hasn't gotten this much traffic in YEARS! I can't be bother feeding the trolls and will just delete further comments.

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Kat, aren't you being a bit judgmental and hasty here?

My stat counter says this is Katie. Hi Ruoy!

Hasty how? A stranger requests a bunch of opinions from me, I decline and they go into overdrive by trying to manipulate me? I feel annoyed and amused, so I post it on my own livejournal? How is that hasty?

Judgemental by calling this person out for trying to manipulate me? They may indeed have the same last name as me, but by playing the "SOS to you as a Christian" card when it that was NOT EVEN mentioned in the first message, reeks of hurt-feelings-wah!

Can you please be more specific. Ruoy Dneirf's final response to me is the clincher. I don't mind that he was trying to solicit information from me. But when I declined and explained why, he tried to make me feel bad, and that's manipulation. The fact that he doesn't have a real name, pictures, internet address or ANY OTHER VERIFYING information from his facebook account, means I should not have to take him seriously in the least.

My stat counter also says he's responsible for this post here

Edited at 2011-10-04 09:19 am (UTC)

No, it wasn't me, thanks for crossing that out!

no prob. You had an entry logged as replying to this, so I thought it was you. But when I did a closer look, someone from Utah had also gone through the replying page, but then looked at the comment once it was made. :)

yeah, that reply that I didn't write because I got called away :)

You should have given the person a chance. Won't Jesus give that individual a chance? What would Jesus do in this context? I love you but for once I don't agree with you. That guy seems genuine to me.

you love me? You agree with me? I don't even know you, Troll!

How about YOU tell me what Jesus would do, WITH Scriptural references to back yourself up.

Personally I think that boy was really seeking. He is Native American - or "Red Indian" as Koshy's family would say :) - and like some of our Aborigines, they don't put up pictures or even give out their names when asked. If someone seeks Jesus, you've got to respond. But not in the way you responded!

If someone seeks Jesus, you've got to respond

"Personally, I think that" if he was really seeking, he would have framed his first communication to me explicitly stating his intent to find out more about Christianity rather than bringing out the seeking card once I'd turned him down.

If he's not meant to give out his name, why did he tell me?

Feeding the trolls! HAH!

Edited at 2011-10-04 09:19 am (UTC)

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