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Halls Creek and Self-Perception Introspection

So on Tuesday last week I received a call from Halls Creek for an informal phone interview. It went pretty well, though it was obvious I was a bit nervous. 10 mins after hanging up, James received a call from the high school in Denmark.

You may notice from visiting the wikipedia sites linked that they're on OPPOSITE ends of the state! There are HUGE financial and experiential pros in Halls Creek, but it'd be more comfy and cushy working in Denmark. James was in favour of Denmark because of his not-confidence with classroom management. Anyway, 10 mins after hanging up with Denmark, James received a call from the Education Department asking him to DECIDE NOW! We I was freaking out a fair bit until James called Halls Creek for his informal phone interview. The principal assured him that he'd get loads of support and there's this graduate training thing and all sorts. Once James got off the phone, he'd pretty much made a decision on Halls Creek. He'd also spoken with the principal about the pressure we were under from the Education Department and how we needed to know if he was going to offer us the job.

So that was that really. This week we got our official letters officially offering us official jobs in Halls Creek. I started the process of applying for housing and transporting our stuff there today. We officially have 6 weeks left in Perth until we're in Halls Creek for at least a year! It's pretty exciting, but also a little scary.

In other news, here's some introspection!

So I'm relying on phone calls from schools asking me to come in for the day because someone's sick. This week I've only worked Monday (so far), so I've spent a lot of time at home a bit bored. I could be doing housework if I wanted, so part of me being bored is definitely laziness. But being bored has made me a little lonely. James is heavily into studying theology and Ancient Greek during the holidays, which is a pretty solo task. And like most Christians, I have times of up and down in being mindful of God.

WAH!! I'm so lonely! No one wants to be my friend! I'm clearly not cool enough! WAH!!

How am I trying to define myself? Do I really think my friends sit around thinking about how they fit a certain subculture and how I don't, therefore, how much they're not wanting to hang out with me? Do I really care so much that I'd be willing to change myself? What should I be caring about? What should shape my identity?
Oh, that's right, Jesus! Like, duh! Maybe if I used this time to read my Bible/Christian books/praying instead of soaking up pop/sub cultures, ideologies, philosophies and the like, I wouldn't feel so insecure about myself. *sigh*

It's a good thing I'm saved by grace and not by works or sincerity!
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