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Moving and Traveling - Kalbarri

Alrighty, we're moving!
Lots of stuff has happened, so I'll fill you in to now.

We're currently in Kalbarri, our first stop on the way to Halls Creek. Our stuff was packed last week on Thursday/Friday. We did a 4WD course the Monday and Tuesday before that, and this Monday-Wednesday, we had some professional development days specific to remote teaching. Atticus isn't doing too badly, but he's really hating travelling in the car, which lead me to a story:

Atticus is in the cat carrier on the backseat. He's meowing and meowing a LOT!! We make it to Geraldron by ignoring him, we even put a towel over the carrier as I'd heard that calms the kitties down. But alas, not respite for him. After Geralton, we only have another 150ish kms until Kalbarri, so I decide to let him out. He's wearing a harness and leash, so I attach the free end of the leash to the head rest on the back seat. He's now free to move around the back, but still restrained somewhat. For 10mins of driving, he's sitting on the seat, staring at the sky outside. Then he decides he wants a better look, so he puts his front paws on the centre console to look around. Then he retreats to the cat carrier and starts meowing again!! James and I laugh and laugh. We just can't pease him sometimes!

In other news, we've made some friends who are also teaching at Halls Creek. Some of them are even Christian, which was a big answer to prayer. Today we're driving to Carnarvon and spending a night there, then to Karratha, then one to Broome. Check out google-maps to see what I'm talking about. We're spending 2 nights in Broome to catch up with some Christian friends, then we're arriving in Halls Creek on Tuesday if there are no delays!

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