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Loopy froots live here

And Then There Was Silence

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kitty upside down

First sick day in Halls Creek

Usually when I'm sick on a work day, I'll just call in sick and that's that. Having rested all morning, I'll feel pretty good by afternoon and start wondering why I called in sick! I should have just pushed through the work morning and gotten paid. Why did I call I bother calling in sick? Some sick person I am, feeling pretty good! Pft!


So this weekend I was sick. It was a long weekend too, so I had extra recovery time. This morning I'm feeling less than average, but I figure that I'll be fine by the afternoon, so I'll just push through. BLAH!!! I'm feeling light headed, faint, my hands are shaking. I'm not nauseated or headachy. But something's definitely up. So at recess I decide I'll go home when my DOTT (duties other than teaching) starts, just before lunch. I have a meeting just before that and though it went well, my hands were still shaking and I felt really ... REALLY! the whole time. It's like, I was more ... more. You wouldn't figure I was sick by my general attitude of exuberance. But I'm also trying to fight off this fainting-feeling too. I'm not are I can easily explain it :/


So anyway, I'm home now. I think I'll call in sick tomorrow and not try to push through the morning. I felt like falling down as I was trying to find James so he could give me the car keys. When I did eventually sit down to wait for him to finish class, my breathing was quite shallow and fast. More shaking and faint-feeling. But yay for resting at home. Maybe if I'm good, James will buy me more timtams! ;)

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pregnant? could it be? hmmm - i wonder - timtams definitely wont fix that

It's definitey not that, though you're not the first to suggest it.

Serious sick! I hope you get better soon!

Thanks Spall! I'm home sick today and glad of it! My head's been temporarily replaced by a giant cotton wool ball. I intend to visit the hospital and get a doc certificate and some meds today!


hope you feel better soon sweetie x

Thanks Katie! Me too, bleh!

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