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Holidays and Housing Hypothesising

It's LJ time!!!

So, we're currently in Perth on school holidays and it's LOVELY! It's lovely seeing all my friends again and talking to them and just feeling like I can emotionally relate to people once more! It's been pretty hard up in the Creek. Making new friends in hard. Wah! It's definitely getting better and easier and all that, but it takes time and I'd been getting a bit weary emotionally and spiritually because of it.

We've been doing lots of shopping! YAY! I bought pants and cosmetics and a fancy clock for our friends' wedding this coming weekend - which I'd looked EVERYWHERE for that kind of clock and couldn't find one that was (1)nice looking, (2)less than $400 (not that that was our budget, but all the ones I found were that price!!) and (3)shipped to Australia/was already in Australia. But today, success!! Mind you, it is "damaged" (it has no glass to guard its face), but that meant it came in under our budget and it still looks perfectly good! I was SO excited when I saw it in store at the price it was at. SO. EXCITED. So, Kieran and Anna, if you're reading this, your clock is very close to perfect, but you can't return it if you hate it ;)

I've been catching up with so many friends, which has been great, but also wearying to see so many people in such a short space of time. Yesterday after church I kinda crashed. I was so tired all mid-arvo that I ended up having a nap late arvo and sleeping through another friend-catch up :(. Which I'm quite sad by. But I desperately needed to sleep/space out.

We are staying with James' family, which is going rather well. No ill feelings between me and the in laws, So yay for that! There's a display village down the road from their house, so today we had a wander through the homes. They were all very nice and impressive, as display homes should be. One was completely ridiculous! Super big, few bedrooms, loads of miscellaneous rooms, wasting precious space. But most were quite nice. It's very unlikely that we'll ever buy a house though.

The easy way to live this life would follow this plan: Both James and I would work very hard at our jobs in the Creek. We wouldn't have children, but just work hard for several years. It'd probably take 5-6 years of both of us working in order to buy/build a house outright with no mortgage. Then we'd start having children, James would work so we'd have basics like food and could pay bills and life would go fairly well for us financially. But that's not our plan. Our plan is to start trying for a family now, so we're only living/saving 1 income. James'd work for fewer years, then go to Theological college and we'd subsist on our savings. Then we'll go into missionary/ministry work.

I find it a struggle sometimes because it would be EASY to go with the first plan. It's comfortable and secure. It's easy to say we'll work a lot first and then have a cushy future. It's harder to go with the more difficult kids-now-no-house option. It's way more uncertain. But the fact of the matter is that our priorities lie in that direction. Mission work is more important than owning and having the stability of a house. Children are more important than any amount of money we could save, or luxury we could enjoy by me working. It's hard to consider that future we're deciding on and part of me is annoyed for it. But I trust that it's worth it.

Maybe God will drop a few hundred thousand dollars in our laps and we could afford a nice house. But we won't hold our breath :)

I bought some new tea from T2 today and James has said he might like to start appreciating tea. This makes me happy and I think we need ANOTHER trip to T2 to buy him some more tea and maybe even a special teacup just for him! James doesn't agree. Lol
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