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Post Holiday Update

Hello all!

So! The school holidays were great. I loved seeing all my friends, but am sad that now I'm gone again. It was actually rather exhausting, but completely worth it. Next time we'll be in Perth will be for the school holidays and we'll have more time for seeing people.

Our last few days in Perth consisted of (1) me breaking the laptop as the fan needed cleaning (boy did it need cleaning!). I did everything quite well, but the screen decided it didn't want to work anymore (which is apparently a common problem). (2) The wedding of two of our friends in Abany, which I'm very glad we made it to! (3) Spending time with 3 fantastic friends of ours as we all stayed at a house of one of their parents. (4) Catching up with more friends over the wedding weekend and (5) rushing back to Halls Creek that Sunday. We caught a flight out of Albany to Perth, then a flight from Perth to Broome, then had to pick up our car from the service centre we'd left it at, fill it up with petrol, buy a jerry can and fill that up and try to get to the next road house before it closed so we could fill up and make it home. Unfortunately the road house closed (half an hour early too!), but our jerry can brought us in with petrol to spare!

Since returning to Halls Creek, things have been pretty ok. We're still in the hotel, and who knows when we'll be moving in to a house. Things have been better with friends. Term breaks makes it easy to see how things have improved. For example, last term we didn't know anyone and were starting from scratch! This term we know people and had already started making friends. Already improvement! Yay!

I'm settling into my new role as science teacher. I settle for mediocre when it comes to my teaching practice, which isn't great, but it gets the job done. Recently my team leader came in to support me in a class which made me super aware of what I was doing, which meant I had my A-game on. And it really showed! I think I ought to be doing that regularly when teaching, behaviour issues magically clear up.

I've been quite sick for over a week. Two Fridays ago I was very tired and went home. I continued being tired all week until the following Friday when I developed the flu. I have the flu :(. I went back to work today because I'm sick of being sick damnit! It wasn't too bad, but now I've got a headache and am quite tired. Oh well.

Today our new computer arrived. IT's an Asus Ultrabook and is very flash! I managed to convince James to do a bit of research into computers and he decided on this one. It's refurbished, so we got it cheaply, but all up very nice. And I'm on now typing this up. Yay!

So that's all my news, methinks :)
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