Kat (etimodnar) wrote,

Why I Haven't Been Blogging Recently

This is a brief update because I'm doing my tax and feel guilty for even posting this. But I was reading my friends page for the first time in a LONG time and felt compelled to provide you mob with an excuse for not posting.

1. Full time work is hard, y'all!
2. I've been writing letters home to my nearest and dearest. This has replaced blogging AND RL journalling.
3. Most of my internet time has been on the tablet and the LJ app is pretty terrible. I very much dislike writing entries on it and reading your entries. Mostly because I can't comment to the entries and then I'm annoyed at LJ+tablet to continue any further.

I've been keeping tabs on those of you with FB and that's pretty awesome. But I'd like to read/blog more often than I am. Writing letter is a greater priority for me though. eing so isolated in Halls Creek means that I'm even more keen to hold on to dear friendships in Perth.

And BTW, if you'd like to be penpals with me, my postal address is PO Box 117, Halls Creek, WA, 6770. It's the school address as Australia Post doesn't deliver mail up here and we can't be bothered getting a PO box for ourselves. We're away during the holidays anyway, so we don't need access to mail then. And if we are in town during the holidays, we can as the AP staff to put aside our mail for us. I really love sending and receiving letters and would certainly love to write some more!
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