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Story time!!

Hello blogosphere!

So I've been meaning to record these things for a few weeks now. So here are some stories!!

Sunday the 28th of April was on the first weekend of the school holidays. The term had been along one, I was quite tired by the end of it, PLUS, I'd just been on a school camp that, although it went quite well for the most part, ended on a bad note. I was beyond exhausted, emotionally drained and a bit of a wreck. My period was due on that Friday. Saturday was spent curled up in bed recovering. Sunday was church and throughout the service I started thinking that my period was late, but I probably wasn't pregnant and I shouldn't get up my hopes *safeguarding my mind*. So soon after church, I took a test. As I was sitting there, it came up positive. But I knew I wasn't really pregnant! Why would the test LIE to me!? What a cruel thing to do! I've had a shocker of an end to the week, I'm tired and sick of being tricked, what a mean, horrible thing to do to LIE to me over something as important as this *cue crying*. I showed James the test who thought it was negative (because I was crying) and was more confused when I said it was positive.

I rushed to the shops to get a different test before the shops shut. Then I called Mum. But Mum wasn't at home in Carnarvon, she was staying in Perth and her mobile was off. What do I do? Who can help? I called my friend Angela, who has the amazing ability of remaining calm in the face of a a positive pregnancy test, and has the secondary amazing gift of knowing Exactly What To Say. So she gave me some good advice and helped me to calm down. But given I so rarely call ANYONE, she answered the phone all excited and already *knew* what I was calling about, God bless her!

So I took the second test later that afternoon and it was positive too. And maybe, just maybe, it was actually true. Maybe there was a teeny tiny life growing in me. Maybe I was actually, finally, after lots of trying and hoping and failing, pregnant.

Mum finally called back at 11:30pm, when we were fast asleep in bed, super concerned and eager to put her mind at ease. In a very drowsy state (my aim was the finish the call and go back to sleep asap) I informed her of being pregnant. She was So. Excited. I don't know if she slept that night. But after chuckling at Mum's enthusiasm, I drifted back off.
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