Kat (etimodnar) wrote,

Story Time Part 3

I tried working through the nausea. We told all the staff at the first staff meeting back at school. I worked on Tuesday, but was exhausted and stayed home n Wednesday. I worked on Thursday but was exhausted and stayed home on Friday. Well, I came to school, but ended up crying in the Principal's office instead. I was slipping on my teaching duties big time. I couldn't give these students what they needed from me. I couldn't live up to the expectations from management. I couldn't get through a whole teaching day without a nap. I couldn't do it!

I think if I just threw up in the morning and could get through the day, I'd be ok. But this nausea is a complete killer!! The past 2 days since, staying at home, have been much improved. Even though I'm still tired, still NAUSEATED, I can rest in bed all day with no stressors on me. The principal was SOOO understanding and kind about it, which really helped with the decision to stay home.

It's very hard to be excited about Sprout when I feel so crappy. But I am excited. It's just buried deep down beneath the nausea ;). We're not going to find about Sprout's sex. We have a short list of favourite boys and girls names, but they're all top secret to avoid the dreaded unasked-for opinion and judgements concerning our choice of name :P

I'm worried that I'll end up miscarrying. Or something will go wrong somewhere down the line. But as there's nothing I can do about it, it's been quite easy to turn these worries into prayers. God is in charge, no matter what the outcome! The Lord gives and the Lord takes away; may the Lord's name be praised!

I think that's the last of these stories for now. But I'll keep updating as things progress :)

Oh, and the antiemetic, Ondansetron is DA BOMB!! It's been linked to cleft palate, so I'm not taking them every day, all the time. But I visited the midwife today and needed something so I could exit the house. Only when required. It's pretty damn effective though!! I have another antiemetic, but it's quite pathetic!
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