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Too long for a FB update

When it's too long for a FB update, do a blog post!

Right now I'm feeling pretty good. I just had a glass f wine, followed by a delicious banana smoothie! So I'm also feeling a little happy. Tonight, Tully only took 45mins to go to sleep, instead of 1hr+ yay! I'm quite certain that that's because I fed Tully for like, an hour and a half prior to his bedtime! So there's no way he was crying tonight because he was hungry. Gosh I feel like a cow sometimes. So that's what I'm feeling good about tonight, and why I deserve a glass of wine :D

Today was my first day back at school. Teachers are back today and tomorrow for meetings and PD. I'm doing primary science, society and environment, and literacy intervention (ATAS). That'll be way less work than last year, so I'm quite happy about that and feeling good about getting home early to be with Tully. I also managed to score a desk with a computer to work from this year - whoo hoo! That was literally the highlight of my work day.

So anyway, today was pretty ok. It was really nice catching up with everyone who's stuck around and it was nice to start making new friends. 
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