Kat (etimodnar) wrote,


I put Tully down for his nap, but 10 minutes later he was awake and crying.
I went in and comforted him.
I sat on my glider and rocked him.
His head was over my shoulder and his breathing gradually slowed.
He made a big sigh and could tell he was finally calm again.
I sat him on my lap so we could face each other.
He gave me a big smile.
Then I tilted my chair right back and Tully was lying on me, tummy-to-tummy.
He fell asleep as we rocked together.

There is no other relationship I could have with anyone else that is like this. He is so precious, and trusts me so completely to take care of him. I want to swaddle him in clouds.
Tags: turtletertullian
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