Kat (etimodnar) wrote,

hello everyone

I went to OPETH last night and it rocked. Or metalled. Whatever.
Was much fun, although I felt mostly faint through out it thanks to very crowdedness and bad air con. I recognised two whole songs (I'm a new Opeth listener) and they metalled. *grin* I have a shiny new t-shirt! YAY!!

I am also broke. Thanks to t-shirt, otherwise I would have enough money. So please pray that I get a bunch of babysitting next week. Other stuff happening, mostly good for me (cept for brief time of *stress* over no money, seriously, I don't have have enough for food. Thankfully, I have stashes of rice and bread etc)

I think exercise is paying off. Yays! Heather and I jogged a BUNCH on Thursday morning. We jogged the longest ever yet and were puffed out, but it didn't take as long to recover.

Okay, so I'm going now.

Everyone keep the 24th free!! The entire day free. Of June. Don't plan anything for the entire 24th of June and first 4hrs of the 25th of June!
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