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Loopy froots live here

And Then There Was Silence

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(no subject)

Remember that crappy oral I was telling all you friendly readers about last week?
I got a distinction!
*dances about the library* *settles down coz people are staring*
I was so surprised. I showed 10secs of The Princess Bride and got a big tick for it (go figure)
I mucked up the order of my points, and apparently kept relating back to my main point (probably trying to stall time whilst thinking of what my next point was).
Yeah.. that's my news. Now on to study for my thesis statement. Do you reckon I can just copy down my oral and make it into an essay? Or do I need more work than that? bleh, probably

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Whoo! Go Kat!

They like it if you introduce different media or do something a bit interactive rather than just stand and talk.

Crappy Oral is better than no oral at all.

With hindsight, one wonders how an oral presentation with ten seconds from "The Princess Bride" could get less than a distinction. Well done. You are a genius.

Re: Crappy Oral is better than no oral at all.

thank you *bows*

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