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Today is the day of Japanese Oral and Aural (two seperate things, although I do have to listen to Sensei throughout my Oral) Aural starts in 1/2hr but I'm not studying, because there's nothing I could cram into my head that would stick there in time in the last 1/2 hr.
I'm feeling good about my Oral though. I'm not too crash hot, but I'm counting on doing well.

Sunday was fun. Stayed up with Ali and Matt doing assignments due on Monday until 5am (read further on _shana. I like pancakes. I ate mine straight, with my hands, in my *I'm so hyped up on caffine and taurine* high. I only had 3hrs sleep that night, because I woke up and finished my essay (with Malcolm's help, he's a Petal!) and handed it in at 3:30. Yay! Then I went to kendo for the first time in 2 weeks. I had a lot of fun. There' were only 6 of us there. But it was so good. I didn't get too tired at all. Cept today I'm all stiff and my feet and arms hurt. Ian whacked me pretty hard on my knuckles whilst trying to go for my kote, so my fingers hurt a bit too.

I couldn't believe how awake I was yesterday. Ok, so my thinking was slowed down a whole heap, but I was wide awake apart from that.

Now I'm going to sca-doddle over to find where my Aural is at. Wish me luck!

Me = syntax Walrus (that is, Syntax have no I)
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