Kat (etimodnar) wrote,


Thank you for today. Thank you that I am working tonight, after 4days of not working. Thank you for the lack of stress on my life. Thank you for the beautiful mornings I have gotten up in time to enjoy. thank you for the beautiful days that you have blessed Perth with, along with the wonderful thunder and lightening in the rain last night.

Thank you for the time I spent with Dan, Ian and Anna today. Thank you for the wonderful conversations I enjoyed intheir ompany. Thank you for the chance you gave me, to be open with anna about my prayer life and your role in my life, instead of shying away from it, or masking it behind some other inane comment. Thank you for the time I spent building relationships and friends with these people. Thank you for that time Lord.

I pray for Matt Lydon. I pray that you bless him with more sleep, and if that is not your will, that you bless him with your strength to persevere with his study, and the strength to discapline himself in the many facets of his life that need attention. Please bring your hand gently upon him, and keep him aware that you are keeping him in the palm of your hand, while his own strength fails him.

Although this is a late prayer, I bring before you Deb from Bible study. Please heal her from whatever sickness ails her.

Lord, I don't see myself being any more humble than what I was a few days ago. I am not complaining to you, nor am I impatient. But I ask that you bless me with patience regarding my slow progress. Please let it be your will that I beome humble and that I am able to practice patience and humility always.

Thank you for the safe travelling of my family back to Newman in their new car. Please bless them in all things that they are lacking. Amen
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