Kat (etimodnar) wrote,

Hello everyone

My mood theme isn't going the way I'd planned it to (can you let me know when/if you can see it). I need access to my computer and an internet connection of my very own. Blah. Or maybe just a floppy....
it could work!

I skipped a lecture this morning at 8:30 coz it meant getting up at 6:30 and I'd had a late night last night watching LotR 3. And then I realised that I'm going to have to permanently skip another lecture coz it clashes with my 2hr Jap class. Interestingly enough though, Jap class was a calligraphy and tea ceremony demonstration put on by some chaps from Takarazuka in Japan. I got to do part of the making tea thing. The chappies (girlies) did most of the work, all I did was whisk the tea and drink it and turn the cup in my hand. (very very structure traditional ceremony). We also got these sweet food that's typically served. It was really cool and I felt very immersed in the culture. Mostly I think because there was a sort lecture in Japanese (with a translator translating thank goodness!) and all the women were wandering around in kimono's

Then I had a tute which I thought started at 1:30, but actually started at 12:30. However, the demonstration for Japanese had gone 1hr over time anyway, so at least I was spending that 1hr productively.

I have kendo on tonight, and I'm quite excited as Matt and Intan will be there after being in Sweden for the past two weeks. I'm looking forward to it. sorewatanoshimidesuyo.

I really do like the rain. Somehow I've been managing to avoid big showers. Yay. But for now, I am going to go home to clean. My unit has gotten very messy over the last two weeks. So I AM going to clean *kicks self into cleaning mode*
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