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Loopy froots live here

And Then There Was Silence

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(no subject)

Father God.

I'm sorry for not prayer to you properly today. I'm sorry for not glorifying you or working on my relationship with you. I'm sorry for being so lazy regarding you, you who ought to be the one person I strive to communicate with every single moment.

I'm aching Lord, my muscles ache all over. Musles I didn't realise I had are giving me such grief. All across my back and shoulders and upper arms. I know that this is making me strong, because I'm carrying heavy things atwork very often. But right now it hurts so much. Please lessen my pain. Please loan me your strength for tomorrow.


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Who the hell are you and what right do you think you have to say such things in people's LJs that you dont even know?

Please never comment here or on anyone else that I know's LJ. Consider this your only warning.

Kat just delete both these comments.

(Deleted comment)
Fair enough.

Read my email or the reply to your comment on my LJ a few days ago if you havent already. Wednesday night is only time Im not free :)

whoops, somehow I did the Lj user thingus wrong, so I deleted the comment to repost it properly, but it didn't work... *weird*

To everyone else reading this thread, I said that I would be dishonouring God by deleting ghost's comment, because that would be disrespecting ghost.

I haven't checked my email yet today... :P

I'm afraid Tuesday night is the only night I'm not working, and I've got Bible study on that night. but most mornings and afternoons I'm free. :D

heh I was confused a bit there too.

Since Im still unemployed (prayer point) mornings and afternnons are fine. Im up for pretty much anything that doesnt require large amounts of money.

hey hey, I found out where ghost knows me from.

kat_fyffe joined a community called upperclass_auto and then I put a link to this journal from my other journal. Ghost is also a member of upperclass_auto. Problem solved!

Well that solves that indeed! He went to all that trouble just to make that comment, sad. I think its actually qhost with a q not a g. meh.

Yeah, just LJ, email or MSN me if you want to do something during he day this week. Tomorrow even? Whenever is cool.

You have credit on your phone again btw?


If my prayers offend you, then I suggest you don't read them. I won't apologise for them if they offend you, because they are from my heart, to my Father, and most importantly; they are truth!

In a world of sin and lies. This is what remains; Earnest prayer to an eternal God of ultimate power.

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