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Back from Summit. Was good. Clare was the speaker for most of the weekend, and I liked her talks.
we looked at the passages in the Bible that talk about women having to wear headgear in church and not talking in church. She really unpacked the verses for us and helped us to see what it was saying. she also challenged us to remember that we're taking the Bible as the authority. We can choose to ignore the Bible completely and not be Christians, or we can choose to accept what it says and live counter-culturally.

The passage about headgear is a bit vague in the greek as to whether Paul is addressing married men and women, but as there are passages in Ephesians, Colossians and 1 Peter that talk about the same principle, we worked out that he's talking about husbands/wives as opposed to men/women.
We looked at the principle being taught, what it meant to the people back then, and what it means to us. For the head-dress being worn, it's to be used when a married woman stands up in church to pray or prophesy, to show respect to her husband. That's it. the principle being taught is that married women need to show respect and honor to their husbands, and the relationship between them needs to be clear. Headgear makes the relationship clear in the church.

The other passage about women teaching men is a bit weird. I think that because of the fall, and that wives shouldn't be the head of the married relationship. A woman giving the sermon is placing herself above her husband or the other men in the church, which is not in line with the created order that God laid down.

I feel I should clarify the married relationship a bit.
~ANALOGY: The relationship is much like that between the church and Jesus and God. wife = church, husband = Jesus. Jesus is the head of the church. Jesus loves the church and died for her. He leads them, and he DIED for her. The husband is supposed to love the wife self-sacrificially. In practice, this means being the head of the marriage, as well as putting your wifes interests first and laying down your life for her.
~Next analogy: wife = Jesus, husband = God. Jesus is God, he is the son of God. They are seperate parts of the same being. Neither is more important than the other. Yet God the Father is the head of that relationship. Jesus willingly obeys the Father even to death on a cross. So should the wife submit to the headship of her husband.
~further point. This does not mean that if your husband is abusing you, you should submit to his abuse! the Bible in no way sanctifies abuse. The relationship is meant to be a loving one, always other person centred! If there is abuse, the advice from the women in my church is this; don't get out of the marriage, but get out of the firing line. Leave for a time in the hopes that during the seperation, you can both reconcile the problem he has.
~The word submit has a lot of cultural baggage of people abusing the headship they've been given and those who submit under them. This is totally not good at all. But, this is what women are being asked to do by God. To give up the reins and submit themselves to their husbands.

More on this topic later
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