Kat (etimodnar) wrote,

Atty is at home. YAY!!!
He seems to have settled right back into life-at-Kat's-house. Yay. He was purring a LOT when I got him home. He sleeps more, and plays less. I think he's growing a little out of the kitten stage. He does play a little still, but not much. He was happy to sleep in this morning. He used to wake me up early. He still sleeps on my pillow right next to my head. But that's okay (benefits of double bed).

Now I've finished my class, I'm going to go home to clean my unit. Now I've got Atty with me, I have motivation to clean my unit and spend more time there.

Yay for Atticus!

Yay for kendo tonight. I :heart: kendo!
Tags: atticus
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