Kat (etimodnar) wrote,

Big News:

I've decided to move back home for a while.
Is weird. Money has been tight for too long! I'm sick of being incredibly broke. Mum and Dad said they'd clear out both spare rooms for my use, and try to respect indepedance etc. I guess, not much will change, except using more petrol. kendo/church commitments will stay the same. Less big expenses (i.e rent). Hopefully less stress. I'll still come to stuff organised when invited. They're understanding, which is good. They get that I've lived on my own, and blah. This is for the best. At least for now. I need a break from stress that isn't uni related.

Other news:
~Atticus has done something to his front left paw. I took him to the vet yesterday and got him some antibiotics. Poor Atty, he's all in pain and stuff.:(

~I started a new role-play yesterday. I'm a kick-arse, bloodthirsty, vengeful, very attractive criminal, on an island with a bunch of other criminals, trying to kill each other, in order to survive for 7days, so's at the end, the team surviving gets freedom. It's a fun role-play. I think part of the fun, is that it's simple! Aim of the game: kill everyone. How hard is that? lol, so far it's been rather hard.

~had dinner with Japanese couple last night. Was good
Tags: atticus, moving, rpgs
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