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Loopy froots live here

And Then There Was Silence

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(no subject)

Hello everyone, I'm in a good mood today.

It's a lovely day and I feel like going to blackies or to the beach. Give me a call if you also feel like doing this. I have sunday school today. And church. I need to tell people who don't read my eljay that I'm moving out. I'm feeling good about it. There are plenty of advantages, and my parents aren't that bad *grins*. Although, there will be fights, as there always are.

Last night I went to zone 3 to battle it out for War of the Rings! Which is when MARS, UNISFA and CIA (Murdoch, UWA and Curtin geek-clubs respectively) get together, play a bunch of zone 3 games, for a crappy trophy. This is the first time ina long time Mars has actually had a team! We didn't win, but had so much fun. There were these really fun games. One was called vampire, which was the vampire against everyone else. If he hit you 10 times, you turn into a vampire too. I got turned both times we played it. boo, oh well. I am proud to say though, that the Mars vampire did a whole lot better at his job than the UNISFA vampire. :D. We played for about 4hrs. It was such a blast! If anyone is interested in doing something like this, perhapes after exams, shooting people to let out stress, lemme know and maybe can organise something.

Anyway, unless someone calls me, until 4, I shall be studying for a Jap test on Monday. I hope I do good.

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Definitely interested.

oh yeah I love shooting people! I've played in War of the Rins before, except I was a UNISFA team member - oh yeah. And we started at midnight and went to 6am. It was hardcore. But so much fun! I love zone 3. Bring it on!

I wish I could go to the beach and/or blackies... I've done 12% of my assignment which I have to finish by tonight... poo.

We only did 9-1. I looked at the website, and they didn't have anything that went for a whole night (12-6 type thing). I agree, very hardcore. There were a couple of people there who just dominated, they were so good. It wasn't until the end of the night, that I felt my aim had improved at all. But it was good when I started actually hitting them. It was annoying when I pointed, but didn't hit them. :D

So much funs!

They used to have midnight-dawns, they have since dropped them in favour of the 9-1s.

Were you in the briefing room for the very first briefing when the zone guy was talking? I was the girl with the red backpack who poked her head in and told everyone to have fun. If I'd known you were going I would have introduced myself.

Yeah, there were a couple of guys who play zone League (every week) playing. They're pretty good. :)

they've gone soft, that's all it is! Molly-coddling... I say to it - Bah!

Nah, they stopped doing MTD's cos there were too many hassles with insurance, staffing and riff-raff.

honestly can't remember, I was too excited. Was that at 8pm or 9pm. I hear they started practice playing at 8, but I was there by 9. I would have thought I'd have recognised you. *shrugs*

Ah right, this was just on 8pm :)

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