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I decided not to go to the Red Shoes, coz I'm doing something every night of this week and I need a night off. Blah to busy.

I still need to start packing for moving in with parents. 11 more sleeps left in my unit
wah! :(

Kill Bill is on the telly tonight. Yay for Kill Bill!
Boo for packing. 2 boxes of books done, trying to get another book shelf packed is so hard! Why can't everything I own be the same easy-to-pack size!? Why does everything have to be a random stupid odd shape. I think next on my list of things-to-pack, is... I dunno. Maybe I'll just leave it at my books for now. Blah.

Tell me what next to pack!!

House cooling party this Friday from 6pm!! BYO food/drink. It will NOT be provided coz I'm lazy/busy with other stuff and broke!
Otherwise, I'd be great if you came! :D I have some bed like stuff lying around if you intend on drinking too much.
Tags: getting cultured!, moving, party
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