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I'm sick of church at the moment. Yes, this is a rant that will offend some people, so I'm going to chuck it under an eljay cut.

Right, I love the teaching at St Matts, it's very biblically based, and I enjoy that. All good! *nods head vigorously*
Is it so wrong of me to be pissed off at the people who go there?

Yes, I drink alcohol, I attend parties and party the night away. I role play some dodgy characters. None of this makes me a bad christian. Because of the people I come into contact with, i've had some great conversations about Christianity and Jesus &c. So why do I feel so judged by the st matts crowd? Probably because I'm walking down the line. Instead of huddling in the christian corner, I'm putting myself out there 'getting into their context' as one woman told me.

On Friday, a couple from my church came to my house cooling. They talked to the people they knew, then sat on the couch, and didn't move until they left early. The bible says that christians are in this world, but not of it. But Paul says that he become like a Jew to win the Jews. He became like a Gentile to win the gentiles. Sometimes I drink too much, and that is a problem that I need to solve. but this does not mean that I wont drink. Getting into the lives of people, and having common interests, be them alcohol or rpgs, is my way of getting into their context. Becoming a nerd to win the nerds. Drinking is how a LOT of people relate to each other in Australia. I think a lot of people in the church cushion themselves against the real world by not interacting too much with non-christians. but by going with my non-christians friends to a pub or club, although you might not be actively witnessing, you're building the friendship, just by being there.

Also, if you don't get down to their level, what's so appealing about christianity? "If you become a Christian, then you have to sit around looking down on other people and completely abandoning your former life style" is not something that appeals to people. There are things you would have to abandon, and I'm not ignoring them. but I think some people in the church take it waaaaaay too far. They neglect to show any fun sides at all.

I'm not trying to attack any one person. Nor am I saying that everyone is like this. I'm saying that everyone has this problem in varying degrees. This may jangle some nerves, but only the nerves that need to be jangled. I'm sick of being judged for role playing and the like, why should I have to defend myself?

Get out of your soft cushiony christian bubbles!!
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