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Much funs

Freaky dream last night. As this dream was scary, it shall be labelled a 'nightmare.' It was like a trailer to a horror film. Freaky little girl can 'see' monsters and stuff, and she's at an orphanage. Is adopted by me, and some husbandly figure that I can't remember, I also remember having an older son. Anyway, little girl freaks out husband and children, cue very creepy music and weird stuff happening behind closed doors. Freaky dream. I woke up a bit jumpy. Funnily enough, the freaky girl was played by Dakota Fanning. lol

Went to Anna's for Lachlan's welcome back bbq on Saturday night, instead of a games night. I hate double bookings. Anyway, Anna's was good. Much food. Many people yay! Lise and Ali leant 500 and Hilaryand I played with them. Ali and Hilary won, but Lise and I put up a good fight! The boys got into this game where they tried to see how long they could hold 2kg weights in each hand with their arms parrallel to the ground. I beat half of the guys at 2minutes! Go me. I was pretty chuffed.

Stayed at Lise's that night. Went to my first Youth Group thing as a leader. It was pretty cool. More relaxed and fun than sunday School. More games too. 5 new girls came along too. They're all from England, there are 2 sets of twins and all in the same family. Remembering names was hard, but I was the onlyone who could remember all the names. Pity next week they'll be wearing different clothes.

Went back to Lise's and started a 4 player game (each of us taking 2 players) of world domination risk. Had some gin and tonics, was good. Chatted with Wendy about the nannying job we're doing for her in three weeks. Went to kids church in the afternoon, went to church in the evening. Went to the Caltex on the corner of broadway and stirling hwy to bug Alistair. Alistair is this guy a met a week ago. He's really cool. Anyway, we were going to catch up and he piked, so I went to where he works and bugged him until his shift finished. Yay for Alistair, he has an awesome middle name. ButI can't remember it.
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