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Hello everyone

I think family life is picking up. I wrote my parents a little letter asking them not to ask me about my life, and I told them I would tell them, just not if they asked. And so far has been good. 9 days of living in this house down. Dunno how more to go.

I like people. I was thinking the other day how incredibly social I am. I mean... yeah, sure, I annoy people a lot. But people either stop being my friend or get over it. Lise told me that I used to bug her SO much. And now we're such good friends.

Anyway, I'm going to not be social for the next couple of weeks. There's a halloween party coming up that you''l all probably get an invitation to, but apart from that, I NEED to study. *sigh*

I've reached my icon limit. *sigh* poor icons. lol. I filled them up by getting my two new Firefly icons.

*love* for Hilary
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