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Loopy froots live here

And Then There Was Silence

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V sad

(no subject)

Talked to Sensei about my impending failure, and he was really nice and understanding of my situation. He said how I've always been a good student until halfway through this semester (stress of moving and not paying rent/bills etc) and that there's still 60% of the course to do, and if I continue to actually show up for class each day, and do well in various stuff, then I should pass. Which is good. I just need to study. And study isn't my strong point. I shall try.

Family is going alright. We had a bit of an arguement last night. But after I'd cooled down, I talked to Dad about it. Dad tends to change the focus of the arguement by putting the blame back on me, but every time he did that, I'd point it out and say that that wasn't the point. So I think I won, but it took uber effort to stay focussed on what the problem was for me.

I also spent a bit of time cleaning the horrible mess in my bedroom before I went to sleep last night. It was pretty horrible. I have no drawers, so everything lives spread out on floor until I get drawers. But I folded my clothes and put them in washing baskets, and moved my shoes to my wardrobe and now it looks tidier. It's not cleaner, but definatly tidier. Yay. This afternoon, I'll keep cleaning and hopefully chuck some study in there too.


Only two more weeks to go. Yay and also Yikes! Exams soon, assignments due soon. eep.

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yay for stress and assignments... or not! I'm so with you. Almost finishing week of doom #1 though... hooray for the weekend...

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