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Loopy froots live here

And Then There Was Silence

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Willow surprised

(no subject)

I'm so bad. I've started viewing characters in movies as to how they would look in a rpg. For example; Lara Croft needs excellent melee, shooting, knowledge, money and connections. I don't think any GM would let a character that over-powered into a world so boring. Same with Neo, even more so. I'm so bad!

Study time!

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Oh dear... this is like one of those signs of madness things... signs of too much gaming...!

but it's interesting! Trying to figure out someone's stats, and then critising how over powered they are. Oh! Like Jean from X-men 3.

All characters played by Christian Bale though, are just fine *is incredibly biased*

Dont worry about it, ive seen d20 campaigns/games based on, movies such as Aliens, The Matrix, Predator, Ghostbusters, The Thing, Terminator, The Mummy, Just to name a few, so Kat you are certainly not the first person to contemplate using characters based on characters from movies.

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