Kat (etimodnar) wrote,

Hello everyone
Subway today was incredibly busy. Maybe it wasn't that busy, but I've been used to winter lunch rush, where no one wants to go outside to buy their lunch as they might get wet.
Sunday school Bible study went really well, I thought.
I sent another email off to my email pal in Japan. She sent a reply (of which I can understand a tentative half of what she's written)with picture of her dog Miku. He's so cute! I sent her picture of Atticus in my first email to her.

Living at home really hasn't been that bad, and I could see myself getting used to it. What with my computer in my very own office space and the like. It's a nice computer too with a dvd player and adobe photoshop *squee for adobe*.

I find that on my trips too and from various far away places from whence i live, I make up eljay entries in my head about all these interesting things I think about. But by the time I get back home, they're completely forgotten. *sigh*

Doesn't anyone want to come to Halloween? If you read my eljay, you should come! Really, you should! What's not great about dressing up!?
Tags: moving, subway, 日本語
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