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Loopy froots live here

And Then There Was Silence

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Willow surprised

(no subject)

went to visit the counselor today at uni to talk about my badly suffering grades. :P
Man, I hate worrying about uni. I'm pretty much free of all other worry at this time, and it's just frustrating that uni is what I'm getting stressed over. Stupid uni. I'm not even getting that stressed over it.

今、日本語を聞くつもりです。それから、ほんやくじゃありません。リセさんと私は元気でいいです。私は新しくて日本語友だちができます。yay! 私は友だちがいますよ!すごい! 新しい友だちは「バフィ」が大好きですよ。それから、たくさんいいました。

and now to be mean, I'm not going to translate. so hah! Nor am I going to chuck it behind an eljay cut. So :P
Besides, it's very shodily written and probably doesn't make sense in Japanese.

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Also, you're mean for not translating! *anti-hugs*

... Wait, that was mean of me :S


I'll translate for you Hilary :D

Now, I want to listen to Japanese (however, I meant to write "write in Japanese" but I accidently wrote "listen" instead). And I'm not going to translate. Lise and I are healthy and that is good. I made new Japanese (language, as in, people in my Japanese class) friends. Yay! New friends! Cool! My new friend likes Buffy. Many things were said.

That's the basic gist of it. I probably wrote it very badly, with many mistakes. AND, in my defense, it translates badly.



Those are some swell rectangles.

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