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Loopy froots live here

And Then There Was Silence

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portman casual

(no subject)

I learnt how to play Purto Rico today in the Mars room. Was good. Joey, Gene and Chris were there. Stanton stopped by for 5mins. Chris won each game, but first game I came last, then made a stunning recovery by coming second for the second game. Go me!

I think Warwick has quit as Mars president, which is sad.

Not much else going on. I studied last night and typed up some of my assignment. I was practising to use touch type skills, and it gets easier the more you use it. Though it starts slowly. *sigh*

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stanton as in jamie stanton? if so, i know that dude!

nah, Stanton as in, Stanton is his first name and I don't know his last name Stanton.

Are you going to come to my Halloween party?

First name Stanton. Last name Smith. Very hard to remember last name. ;)

it's all so obvious now that you say it. lol
I keep forgetting everyone's last names. It's not as if I use them on a regular basis. :P

I wasn't really sure at first but over the semester I've come to the conclusion you're the most qualified to be MARS president. And if I'd voted the right way in the first place you would be, ne? I hope that you still want the job.

As for me, I've already been on the executive for too long where not much has been achieved, and at the moment I don't even know whether I'll be coming back to university. I'd certainly be going against what I've already said if I went ahead and became an absentee president.

I'll be here if you need to talk to me about stuff. So long as it's not stuff that means that I'm running the club. :)

There's an exec meeting tomorrow at 12. Apparently it got emailed out to the ghc list, but I didn't receive it. Sami told me about it. Anyway, will you come to it? Pretty Please!?

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