Kat (etimodnar) wrote,

Father Lord.

You are so awesome.

there is so much to pray for. So I will pray for some of it tonight, and then a bit more each night until it is all prayed. I am glad that you deem there to be so much to pray for, so that I may have much to pray for, and spend more time with you, Lord.

I pray for Ali as she goes through tests and exams this week. Please keep her mind clear of all distractions and give her confidence through her exams to perform well. I pray that she will use her spare time wisely, to practice her flute and to spend time growing with you in prayer and Bible reading. I thank you and praise you for the times you have been with Ali, in inspiring her to turn to you. Thank you for her heart that is eager to serve you. Thank you that she loves you well. I pray for the way she shows love to people, Please show her how and teach and grow her in showing love to those around her.

Lord, I pray for Suze. Thank you for her short presence at prayer group tonight. Ipray that it may be a regular thing, especially as we are soon changing the meeting time and day. I pray for her concentration levels through out the day. I pray that she will get enough sleep at night, to wake up well in the morning and have a productive day at uni. I ask that you will help her to use her study time wisely, and notwaste it on procrastination. I also ask that you help her tomake Bible reading a priority as she struggles to get all her work done. I thank you for the support she recieves from all her friends.

Father, I bring before you, Kit. Please please be with him and give him your strength as he goes through this time of change and continuous effort. Please uplift his spirits and moral and help him to learn to relate to people. Please, please help him with his issues of pride. Please break it down so that Kit may be more dediated to serving you instead of himself. Please work in the hearts of those who Kit seeks forgiveness from. Please teach Kit how to love other people extravagently. Thank you Lord, so much, for the wise Christian influence you have blessed him with in Matt Lydon. Thank you for this friendship. Thank you for your loving and compassionate nature that sees a need, and places people where we can help, but only through your supreme and wonderful mercies. Please work through everyone Kit reaches out to, to support him in his change. Please help others to forgive and forget. Please work in this Lord, so that everything may be made right. Thank you for the beginnings of the healing, and please help this to heal well. Please strengthen Kit in everything through this rough time. Please keep yourself made known to him.

I bring before you, tomorrows lunch with Nic White. Please be with me so that I will not neglect to show him love. Please help me tobe patient and mindful of my words and actions towards him. Please help my words to be Godly.

I pray for the upcoming American election. Please inspire Christian voters to vote in a godly manner. Please be with all americans, please keep them mindful of their privalege to vote, and not to waste that. Lord, it seems it's a matter of the lesser of 2 evils being voter for. Please work in this, so that no more harm may be done to the nation. Please let your will be done.

Thank you for your grace to me, and your will fulfilled in your good time. Thank you for the prayer group each week. Thank you for the many wonderful Christian friends you have blessed me with.

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