Kat (etimodnar) wrote,

Good morning Awesome Father

Thank you for the good sleep I had last night. Thank you that my sleep is often good and long. Thank you for my job being mostly in the evenings, so that I have my mornings free to sleep, and my afternoons free to do anything I want. I pray that I will use my afternoons wisely, spending time growing in my love and knowledge of you.

Holy Lord, I pray for Lise. Thank you for guiding her progress, particularly regarding before she was a Christian. Thank you for thewisdom you've blessed herwith, to see a book is not wise and quite wrong. Thank you for shielding it from her before she came to you, so that everything has happened just at the right time. Thank you for your awesome timing Father! I pray for Lise at uni. Please help her with her assignments and research. She's having trouble doing it all, please just be with her so that it may get done, and that she may do them well. Please be with her as she goes to uni and interacts with her friends there. Please give her patience and love towards Dan, as he is very trying on Lise. Please keep her from being too sensitive with her non-Christian friends, but to take everything with a grain of salt. Please,please just help her to be a Godly woman with her non Christian friends. Please work in their hearts, and let Lise's example strike interest in you in their hearts. I pray for Nelly and Peter. Thank you that Nelly has taken an interest in Lise's faith. Thank you for the example you have provided Nelly within Lise. Thank you for your mercies. I pray that Nelly will continue to be interested, and to find that you are what she needs.

I pray for Matt Lydon. Thank you for his presence at prayer group. Even though he's not praying or reading his Bible, he is able to encourage and help other people grow at this time. thank you for his words to Kit, that they were the words that needed to be said, and that you gave Matt the strength to say them. I pray for Matt's sleep. Please help him to get enough at night, beause all the other issues that Matt is struggling with, stem from lack of sleep. Please give him the strength to discapline himself. It seems I've come before you, asking for your grace extended to Matt, but he still isn't getting enough sleep. Last night at Bible study, I learnt that not gettingwhat we ask for, isn't a reflection on anyone, but simply it is not yet your will that it happen, yet or at all. I pray that you will give Matt the strength to deal with his pride and impure thoughts, until the time that he is getting enough sleep to keep them in check more often. I pray that you will bring Matt out of this low patch in his Spiritual life, having learnt more and knowing more of your character and love towards him. I pray that you will help Matt find spare time to dedicate to you in prayer and Bible reading. And when he has spare time, not to waste it on other activities.

I pray for our entire group. I pray that we'll all stay away from making dodgy jokes, because they do nothing to glorify you. I also pray that as a group, we will grow and build each other up to becomingmore mature, in particular, regarding the relationships within the group. Keeping those in the relationships in check, and respecting them instead of making them targets for jokes. Lord, this is something that I'm going to have a problem with, so I ask that you teach me to have wisdom within groups, and not to let myself get carried away in the good times. But to have fun, and stay together.

I pray for Hilary. I pray for this opportunity she has to go to the youth synod in Sydney. I know that the Sydney diesose has its head screwed on right, so I think it might be good for her to go. I just pray, that you will make your will known to Hilary regarding this camp. I pray that it is your will that she go, for I think it would be good for her spiritually, and I care about her so much, I want to see her grow as a Christian. We have so many differences regarding our theology, but, please work in her despite her beliefs, and work in me depsite mine. Please show both of us your truth and your way. Please soften our hearts to be open to it. Please let it be, that one day, we may see eye to eye on issues of theology.

You are awesome Lord. I pray this day may go well, that I will show love to everyone, at work and while at lunch with Nic White.

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