Kat (etimodnar) wrote,

Father God

I pray for Kat, please be with her as she struggles with issues regarding Billy. Please give her the words to say to him when she returns from her trip. Please guide her into making the right desicion regarding him. Above all, help her to put you first before anyone else.

Lord, she still loves him still. Please, please, help her to love you more. If it is your will that Billy and herself become a couple and one day are married, please give her the patience to wait. If it is not your will, please reconcille her feelings regarding Billy, so that she will not hurt from this seperation any longer, but be content only in your love. Lord, I know what she's going through because I went through it with Brian. My feelings were only reconcilled because of your grace. Please comfort Kat and be with her during this time Father. Please hold her always in the palm of your hand as she goes through this heart ache.

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