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Loopy froots live here

And Then There Was Silence

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Why is there a new interface for updating my eljay? I liked it the way it was before. hmmm.

Subway, continues to swallow my life whole. But, I actually got out on time, hurrah! I was doing the night shift, and typically, I get out late, because I'm all "have to do everything perfectly." But the addition of the shifts starting at 10 in the morning, has opened my eyes to the fact that the morning staff member can handle the morning just fine if a few things aren't done (but most is). So yeah, is going good, and I made cookies tonight, because everyone bought subway cookies. Man, those cookies are so freakin unhealthy. But so tasty.

I want a Wii!! I've been playing on javelinface's Wii, and it's really fun. I did some car racing today, and I actually did pretty well. I'm typically quite bad, and although I only won 1 race out of 3, that's still awesome for me! Instead of using a little joystick to steer the car, you tilt the Wii remote. I found it way more comfortable to use (head comfortable, it sits better with my brain). We also played a multi-player shoot-'em-up game, much in the same vein as 007 games. Except to move, you use the joystick on the nun-chunk, and you look around using the remote. Takes getting used to, but once I was used to it, I enjoyed it much better. I guess I just like pointing at stuff, and being more hands on, than using a joystick. Joysticks bugs me, I don't get the hang of them easily.

I can't believe it's 10 days till Christmas.

I saw Eragon yesterday. It isn't that great. It looked really good in the previews, but the whole movie was rushed, and badly acted, and had bad dialogue, and no characterisation. But the special effects were pretty nifty, and if they'd taken more time on developing the whole movie, it would have been pretty awesome. As it was, it fell short of the glory of awesomeness. But it was still fun. I give it 2 stars out of 5. It came just so close to being great, and it's just disappointing because I can see how it isn't great, and... yeah.

I am whack, and should go to sleep.

I read a rant by this woman who sat near to a family in a restraunt and had to go through the horror of sitting within earshot of a screaming baby. Now, I'll admit, screaming babies are pretty horrible, but, gah! Get over it, the world isn't going to bow to your wishes. If you want peace and quiet, eat in, not out. Going out, you're bound to get noise. I don't like people who don't like children. I like children. They can get very bratty, but if you handle them right, they can be very well behaved. I think my pet-peeve when it comes to children, if the parents. If they're spoiled, then the parents are to blame. Parents have a lot to answer for.

I remember a number of years ago, a small boy hit a girl, and his Dad gave him a smack on the bottom. The mother of the daughter was shocked and contacted the police. However, the little boy spoke in defense of his Father, saying that he knew he deserved the smack. Discipline shouldn't stop at a smack, or being sent to the corner, the child needs to know why they're being punished. So you need communication and discipline. I intend to smack my children, if I ever have them. I was smacked when I was little. I think I'm better for it. Mum only had to start counting to 3 and I'd stop being naughty by the time she reached 2. Very effective.

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I disagree with your second last paragraph. I think parents need to be far more considerate of others when they taken their brats out in public. They made the choice to have kids, not me, and so it's their responsibility to avoid disruption, not me.

But then, I'm an evil godless childfree person :P I also think your last paragraph somewhat contradicts the second last.

mmm, I was rambling.
I think parents should control their children. So discipline is needed. However, some people just hate children in public in general, and that pisses me off. What if the child noises are happy noises? With babies though, they're like little time bombs waiting to cry. If people can't put up with baby screaming, then they suck.

"Children should be seen and not heard" is something I disagree with so badly! Children are so so important. But then, I'm going to be a primary school teacher, so I'm on the side of the kids

The way I see it, if a child is crying, then that is something that needs to be addressed rather than ignored. Whether that means taking the child outside, or satisfying it's needs, it's the mark of a good parent that they don't disrupt others in public, who are just trying to enjoy themselves.

Parents also have every right to enjoy themselves in public, but they made a choice to become parents, and so they need to take responsibility and put the needs of the child before their own need to be out socialising.

As for the noise... well, I wouldn't compare babies crying to any other noise. The pitch of it makes it very painful on the ears, it's not like plates clattering or a coffee machine whirring, it's... just horrid.

Some people are far too sensitive, those people that piss and moan if they so much as see a child at a cafe, they have serious problems. I like kids in small doses, I don't don't like society when it makes everything so kid-centric, or parents when they seem to show no regard for anyone else and feel entitled to special consideration for having kids.

Blah, it's a touchy issue for me, but I do enjoy discussing things with you :P

I get that a screaming child has some sort of issue that should be addressed. Be it selfishness, dirty nappy or whatever, and good parents should parent their child and take responsabilty of it. It's not fair on other people to be inconvinienced upon. I mean, I get annoyed sometimes when there's a bratty child on the train or in subway.

I do agree with Some people are far too sensitive, those people that piss and moan if they so much as see a child at a cafe, they have serious problems. It just seems that whenever I read a rant, it's in that context, or someone who can't be patient or compassionate. And so I think my rant was in that context.

I read some stuff on childfree. Pretty interesting to get another perspective. countessdeweird never wants children, and I guess I've never understood it. But I do enjoy discussing it too. Takes me out of my comfort zone.

I want children one day

I don't know if I want children either. It's certainly not something I've ever felt called to do & it's not a goal but I'll never say never. Who knows, Mum may be right & "when I meet the right man..."

Evil people who hate kids. I think kids are awesome. Whenever I go to my friends place his 3 year old smiles and squals happily when i visit and runs over to give me a big hug and gosh darn, it's so cute.

I do think parents need to take a bit more responsibility with regard to the comfort of others. If you can't control your child then you should really think of others and skidaddle. Or you know... learn to discipline your kids.

But yeah, kids rule. Bah humbug I say to modern whiney kid haters :P

awwww. So cute! *squee*

Kids are a big responsablity, so I can see how people wouldn't want them just for that. I suppose there are other reasons. The woman who wrote the rant had her eljay filled with other whiney stuff too, so it annoyed me that here was another thing she was ranting about.

Kids are awesome... except the spoilt ones. I've babysat a couple of monsters in my time.

I know! Shes adorable. Can't wait to have kids one day :D

Yeah, I think one big problem these days is ways of disciplining kids. People tend to blow a smack or whatever way out of proportion. There is a vast, yawning gulf between someone who gives their kid a smack and someone who beats their children.

Hell, my dad used to flick my ear lobe when i was being a little turd and I am utterly fine with it. It only hurt so much as to make me stop acting like a twat and it stopped hurting very quickly.

It also makes me sad that people don't seem to be teaching their kids proper manners. To me its sad that so many kids don't have respect for elders, dont say please and thank you, dont shake hands and dont even have a clue how to use cutlery properly.

Damn I feel old saying that.... Young whipper snappers :P

I've had a few smacks to my bottom in my time but it's vital that kids understand why. There is an overwhelming amount of evidence to suggest that it does more harm than good otherwise. The notable evidence is in African-American families (the vast majority of psychological evidence comes out of the U.S.) & the difference here seems to be in the child's perception, combined with the tendency in African-American families to express affection more physically as well & to be more hands on in general. You're playing with fire, I'm not going to use corporal punishment on my kids.

The thing about "proper" manners is the way they vary. Take shaking hands for instance, I was never taught or expected (as far as I know) to shake hands as a child & I'd never consider a child's not shaking hands rude. Shaking hands was always something that adults did. Perhaps it's because shaking hands is an expression of respect & equality & I was raised to be seen but not heard as a child (worked) & to a lesser extent as a woman (didn't work, though it certainly did have an effect). I don't think children should be seen but not heard though, & I certainly don't think women should. It's quite a masculine tradition too, in some circles it's still considered rude for a man to initiate a handshake with a woman.

I agree with you, despite the fact that I do not particularly enjoy the company of children. There's a difference between a noisy child and a naughty child. Sometimes children are noisy in a naughty way & that is downright irritating as the children in question know, that's why they do it (BUT I WANT IT! IT'S NOT FAIR WHY-CAN"T-I-HAVE-THE-LOLLY-MUMMY-WOULD-HAVE-LET-ME-HAVE-THE-LOLLY). Of course when it's done in public the guardian is more likely to capitulate which shuts then up short term but just encourages them long term. At least, I'm more likely to capitulate in public for the sake of people around me, I'm sure some people give in pretty easilly anyway. Um, what was I saying? Oh yeah, people getting pissed off just by the presence of kids or by kids being kids is annoying - very like people being annoyed by the sounds of a bad cough, I mean, who do we the is worse off here? The person who overhears the cough for a while or the poor person who actually has the cough? I went to see Happy Feet the other day & so many people were complaining about the kids in there who were actually remarkably well behaved. Sure, they hadn't got the hang of keeping their voices down but they were just asking questions & laughing when they felt like laughing. In other words they were just doing what kids are supposed to do & their parents were made to feel embarrased & awkward. I just...grrr...you get my point.

Yeah that whole "Fine have the lolly" thing is really going to do some damage.

Kids in cinemas are cute. Personally I don't care if they ask their parents stuff or laugh as long as they are somewhat respectful of others.

I remember feeling rather disgusted at some people in a cinema at the Last harry potter movie. This little kid got scared and started screaming. The parents were trying to calm her down and were just getting to leave and all these other people were yelling at them to shut up or piss off which i think was very rude.

lol, because God forbid there are children in a childrens movie. HP is a childrens book, therefore, children will go to the movie with their parents. Ditto Happy Feet.
*rolls eyes*
If you don't want children to be there, go to the 9pm screening, when all children will be in bed.

This was the 9pm screening.

huh, weird. But my point still holds. childrens movie = children in cinema

Thanks for confirming my expectations of Eragon, now I KNOW it's not worth my time.

it was almost star wars ep3 worthy. "you look so... ready for battle" I kid you not, was an actual line in the movie!
*shakes head in hands*

Damn it. I was hoping the movie would be better than the book, because the book was utter crap. Wonderful. *pouts*

Jeremy Irons couldn't even save it then?

really? I was hoping the book would be good. I mean, they made a movie out of it eh?

I think it had a good concept, but wasn't in the hands of good actors or director (or script writer etc)

Long story short: Adults should remember to be adult about children being children.

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