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Hiro is awesome!

*skips merrily down the road*
I wish I were a better/faster worker at Subway. I enoy it, I just wish I were more efficient. I think I'm better at day shifts. They are easy peasy, and I can do them good. Night shifts require more responsability and faster working. But I left the store really clean tonight, so I've got that going for me! :)

Heroes is still so awesome. If I had a super power, I'd like to be able to slow down time. Hiro is the cutest character and I love him *wub*.

I have Monday night off work, I found a replacement! Yay. This means I can go to Anna's and swim/eat/socialise. Yay! But I did take two extra shifts this weekend. I wasn't meant to work tonight, and I'm working tomorrow during the day. Having said that, I should probably get to sleep so's I can wake up and get to work on time. Maybe I'll call Ian and see what he's doing tomorrow night. Lise, (aka leshara) is in Sydney, and it's sad. I'm doing ok though, because I'm working heaps, and nothing very interesting has happened. If something did happen, I think I'd be freaked, coz I'd have no Lise. So yeah, I should msg Ian and see if he wants to play on the Wii with me. Yay for the Wii.

And yay for summer fruit. I have been pigging out on summer fruit. It's better than pigging out on sugar. I babysat these kids who don't like fruit!! :O I made them eat an apple each before they ate their dessert their Mum had given them (sugar things). Plums, grapes, cherries, nectarines. YUM! oh I love fruit! Yay for God creating fruit! Thank you God for creating fruit! *dances with fruit thankfulness-joy* They're little sweet healthy things! How can something so sweet be good for you!? I dunno! But yay for God making sweet healthy things!

I don't understand people not liking fruit. If I ever have kids, I'm going to feed them so much fruit! No lollies, just fruit! And they'll get good fruit too! Like bananas, oranges, peaches, nectarines, plums, grapes, apples. None of this exotic-but-tastes-so-bland fruit, like star-fruit. :P bleh. mmmm, fruit. *goes to raid the fridge for another plum*
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