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I work with a Model. Lol, she's been on billboards, in catalogues. I found it so amusing when she told me. Here is her in the Empire Rose spring/summer catalogue. She really is a beanpole!

But she's quite nice and I enjoy working with her, because unlike some people at Subway, she actually works. She was saying that the amount of money that she gets for a fashion shoot/fashion parade etc, is about equal to what she earns at subway in a month! Her dad wanted her to take a real life job (lol) so that she doesn't have her head stuck in the clouds, and can understand the meaning of the dollar. Thing, yeah.

Anyway, I told her I would blog this. So now I have. She has a myspace, but navigating myspace is like bashing my head against the qwerty.

Honestly, I don't think she's all that. I mean, she's pretty! But, I don't think that beautiful. I really didn't think much of what she looks like until she told me. In her industry, you have to be a stereotype. She's quite asthetic, I just don't think *that* beautiful. But so many of the girls onthe catwalks aren't that beautiful, just pretty. I don't think much of Gemma Ward.

Oh well, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and the fashion industry is very touchy about whom is considers beautiful.

On a vain note, I think I'm somewhat pretty. You know, when my hair is doing what I say and stuff. lol
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