Kat (etimodnar) wrote,

Hello Father

Today was pretty good at work. Thank you for that. Thank you that they weren't really mad at me for being late. I pray for tomorrow. Please help me to work well, and for the time to go quickly.

I pray for Clarissa. She has some health problems, Father, as you well know. I'm not to sure what I'm asking for here. I ask that you stabilise her health. I pray mostly for Scott. He still worries and cares for her Father. Please bring him comfort. Please help him to deal with getting over Clarissa, as well as his concern over her. Please let Scott know your love. Just... please have your hand upon this situation, so that everything ends up good in your eyes.

Thank you today Father, for hearing my prayers. Please give me the strength to admit my weakness at prayer group, instead of hiding inside myself, or behind private prayers on lj. Please help me to admit this, so that others may be able to help me with this issue by praying for me and offering support. Please help me to be content in only you Father.

I pray for Matt. I only saw him breifly at church on Sunday, but he looked pretty tired and stuff. Please help him get through this time. Please be with him, and lend him your strength as he struggles to complete late assignments and perhapes fit some study for his coming exams. Please help him to get enough sleep at night. Please help him with his thoughts Lord, as he struggles with so many other things. I think it is overwhelming him. Please keep him strong. Please keep him safe. Please be with him.

Thank you for Ian. thank you for his dedication to his work, despite his assignment partners not contributing much. Thank you for helping Ian continue in his prayer and Bible reading. Please let him continue in his efforts, even as exams approach and it is easy to neglect it.

Thank you for Tom's study. Thank you that he has been studying, and is looking at his assignments early in the week, instead of last minute. Please help Tom with his honesty and developing his friendships. Please give him the words to say when talking to his non-Christian friends. Please give him the courage to swing conversation towards you. Please help him so that you may work in his friends. Please help Tom in doing the right thing, even when he doesn't want to.

Lord, thank you for the time I spent with Kit, Nic White and Eddie this week. Thank you for giving me patience with them. Lord, I feel that the time I spend with them, is sacrificing time spent with my other, closer friends. Please help me to value my friendships with these guys. Please bless me with patience and love towards them. Thank you for the support Ali and Lise and all the boys made in welcoming Nic White and Eddie. Thank you SO much for their support. Lord, please may I have good times with my closer friends this week? And if it is not your will, please give me patience and love. Whatever your will Lord, please help me accept it with a loving heart.

Lord, I told someone I would pray for them. But I forgot it. You know what it is Father, so I pray that your will be done, and those people involved will find love and comfort, whatever the outcome.

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