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Loopy froots live here

And Then There Was Silence

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Claire Bitch plz

Subway griping

OH! I was so frustrated with everything yesterday. My day was so craptucularly awful. BLAH! But at this point in time, I've had a shower, and maybe things will be better today. ...hopefully.

I'm getting very tired of Subway. Stella keeps taking advantage of me and if anyone calls in sick, I'm the first to get a call - even if it means doing a double!!! Yeah, I did a double yesterday. It was, teh suck! It wasn't even all at the one store either! The first half was at Claremont and the second half at Subi, and due to diferences in management at both stores, it really really sucked to be me! And the broom broke last night. And I closed the store at 7 (yes, 3 hrs early!) so I could get all the work done without distraction, and I still finished late!! Seriously, I just don't care so much anymore. Man, I really hate subway. WHY! does Stella keep giving me hours I don't want. Looks like I'm the proud owner of the Monday closing shift too. I hate closing!!!

Gah! I didn't do a very good job of living under Jesus' rule yesterday. I was way too frustrated to work hard.[*] *sigh*

[*]This is not me beating myself up. And if I have to put a disclaimer in every entry, then I'll disable comments. Please no one comment saying that I shouldn't beat myself up about stuff. It actually really pisses me off when people comment to that effect.

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awww - that pic is cute. Love Hayden (and Heroes - cannot wait for the latest ep to fall off the interweb onto my 'puter)

Oh hey! I posted you a DVD full of goodies yesterday!! Hope it arrives safely.

There is some pretty random stuff on there - 4gb of musical goodness. Total opposite of that Hinder song *shudders*. That song seriously needs to be buried in the 1980s.

I thought I detected some frustration yesterday, but again, I thought you were p*ssed off at me.. Hence why I kind of left you alone..
Yeh, methinks that if you're good, workplaces take advantage of you and take you for granted. Then because you'rea nice person, and always say yes, they take advantage even more.. Same thing happenning in my coles bubble..
So i fought the power! And only worked half my shifts the next week in protest, completely screwing them over. Now they're extra nice to me. ^_^

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